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Saving water and maximizing the coverage and effectiveness of fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides is crucial to high crop yields.

Our highest priority at Farmer Discounts is our unwavering commitment to our customers and their crops, orchards, groves, gardens and lawns. Whether you grow sod, sugar cane, corn, tomatoes, citrus or maintain a golf course, we are committed to your success.

Our products have been proven on farms and in fields like yours for more than 28 years, and more than 2000 independent field tests.

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Farmer Discounts are Powered by Midwest American People and by our two Power brands: Nutriplant™ and APSA-80™

NutriPlant™ and APSA-80™ are premium agriculture and turf products that are manufactured here in the USA.

Our NutriPlant™ products have been around for over 28 years and are based on proprietary fermentation and chelation technologies; while our APSA-80™ (All Purpose Spray Adjuvant Concentrate) product has been around for over 40 years and is based on a proprietary technology that allows you to have and use the best product in the adjuvant industry!


Our unique NutriPlant™ chelation system uses natural, small, chelating agents designed especially for foliar applications (Our unique NutriPlant chelation system uses small, natural chelating agents designed especially for foliar applications. Because the molecular structure is so small, it can actually be absorbed through the dermis of the plants. This means that 100% of the NutriPlant product is available to the plant.)

Our NutriPlant chelation system also reduces the effects of environmental stress on crops.

Our continued research with Land Grant Universities, such as Colorado State and UNL, The Irrigation Research Foundation in Yuma, Colorado, and with local farmers has allowed us to research, see and document the benefits of water management and soil compaction from the use of our APSA-80 product.

We also pride ourselves on our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, along with our top notch customer service.

We care about helping America’s Growers Maximized their Full Potential Every Year!


The NuriPlant products and APSA-80 are used a lot in the farming industry. The relief of soil compaction, the money savings in irrigation, stronger stress resistance, and much higher yields are just a few of the benefits farmers have seen from these products for years. The NutriPlant products can be used on any type of crop, from alfalfa to apples. Be sure to talk to the sales rep you are working with, to get information on how the products have performed on the crop you grow.


Turf farms around the United Stated use the NutriPlant products and APSA-80 to aid in the faster growth of their turf. By getting a faster growth, turf farms can harvest sooner, which in the long run means more money in their pocket. Not only do they get faster growth from using the products but they also get a stronger and greener turf.

If you would like more information, including research studies and independent studies performed on different types of grass, be sure to talk to the sales rep you are working with.


Golf courses in every region of the United States use NutriPlant products and APSA-80. Not only do they like to use the APSA-80 as a surfactant when spraying, but they like the fact that it will condition the soil as well. Many golf courses will spray a mixture of NutriPlant AG and APSA-80 on their course once a month. The golf courses that do this have seen much higher stress tolerance in their grass on the fairways and greens, compared to other products they have used. Also, areas of the course that have previously dried out during the summer were staying greener and better irrigated. Be sure to ask your sales rep for information from the multiple studies performed on different types of turf.


From lawn care businesses to the do-it-yourself, NuriPlant products and APSA-80 have been helping lawns look greener and stay greener longer. Lawn care businesses have been using APSA-80, a non-ionic surfactant, for years. But not only that, they have been using APSA-80 to condition the non-ideal soil state for growing grass. Where it's been hard before, they have been able to grow fuller, greener grass with the use of APSA-80. Many lawn care professionals, and even homeowners, will use NutriPlant AG to help the grass and plants fight the stress of hot summers. Businesses that transplant turf have seen the grass take root a lot faster and have noticed that it's better conditioned when using NutriPlant SL. Be sure to talk to your sales rep to see how these products can help you or your business.


Why growers chose NutriPlant Fertilizer?

Why growers chose NutriPlant Fertilizer?

Why growers chose NutriPlant Fertilizer?

Why APSA-80?

Why NutriPlant SL/SD?

Why NutriPlant AG?

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APSA-80 & NutriPlant SD

“My issue has always been the fact that I have 10-12 inches of really good soil but beneath that is a bunch of gravel and the challenge has always been surpassing the gravel to get further into better soil. This last harvest I had the best harvest I’ve seen in years. I usually get about 170-180 bushels per acre but this year I had no less than 200 bushels per acre and up to 210 bushels an acre in some areas.”


“Using the APSA 80 I mixed it in with my round up at a 5oz per acre application rate per pass. I do 2 passes each season so I applied a total amount of 10 oz of APSA. Come harvest time I had a 5 bushel per acre increase and I absolutely had no weeds in my field. I have recommended this product to several other area farmers and recommend it to anyone within the farming industry. With so many different chemicals out there it’s always hard telling what actually works and I can confidently say I’ll be using APSA for years to come. My cousin Lance and I actually farm separately but happen to be neighbors. I decided to use the APSA 80 while he decided to use Nutriplant SD. I noticed his crops bean and corn came in better than mine but I had absolutely no weeds. This year we both have already purchased APSA and Nutriplant SD for next season. We both had an increase of about 5 bushels per acre and I am excited to see what next season brings.”

NutriPlant SD

“I had never used a micronutrient on any of my crops before. The one thing I noticed was that my beans came up better than they ever have and better than the surrounding area farmers. At the end of harvest I also counted about a 4-5 bushel per acre increase. Because of the increase in yield that this product produced I know my cousin has already purchased Nutriplant SD for next season.”

NutriPlant AG

"We treated half of each of our fields on our farm last year. On the untreated beans, it took five windrows to fill the bin and only four with the Nutriplant AG treatment. We are adding Nutriplant AG to our programs this year."

NutriPlant AG

"We've used Nutriplant AG for three years now - we've treated 800 plus acres of corn and 200 to 300 acres of beans. I'm starting to notice second year results where the corn is much better Nutriplant AG was used the year before. Don't test it, just use it all over."



"This past year we added APSA 80 mid season in a single pass (5 oz per acre) to our farming program. At harvest time our results gave us the best crop yields we've seen on both our farms - five (5) bushels more per acre on soybeans in 2011 (improved from previous best of 45 to now 50) and corn went from a best of 176 bushels per acre topping out at 180 for the season. That added to our bottom line an additional $62 per acre on soybeans and $24 per acre on corn. Because of last year's successes, we made the decision to utilize the complete package this season including two passes of APSA 80, Nutriplant SD application, and Nutriplant AG on both crops."


"I used APSA-80 last year on rolling ground and I noticed less dry spots on the higher ground. I was also impressed that my sprayer never plugged up. Because of all this I am using the APSA-80 and both Nuriplant products on all of my land this year."

APSA-80 NutriPlant

"Last season I was so impressed with the results of my test plots with APSA80 and Nutriplant products. I saw a 5 bushel increase on my both my test plots on my soy beans. I was so impressed with the products I am totally sold. I am using all the products on all my crops this year."

NutriPlant AG

"The first year we used Nutriplant AG on beans, our yields were probably about a third better. These results convinced us to use Nutriplant SD on our wheat."

NutriPlant AG

"We had a field that looked like every disease in the county had hit it. But we used Nutriplant AG on it and ended up making 45 bushels (per acre) dry land. I'm satisfied Nutriplant AG made the difference."

NutriPlant AG

"It will get your crops through the drought months and the bad years. On my wheat, I've noticed a difference - there were more kernels per head on the treated, it filled out all six rows. The best thing I can say is put Nutriplant AG on your crops and then you'll find out what it does."

APSA-80® Concentrate

APSA-80 Adjuvant is an agricultural wetting agent. APSA-80 has three main uses: one as an irrigation aid to the soil, second as a soil compaction aid, and third as a spray adjuvant for use with herbicide and pesticide sprays. By lowering the surface tension of water, APSA-80 can increase the rate at which water soaks into soil, reduce water losses due to evaporation and runoff, and increase crop yields.


  • Developed over 30 years ago.
  • Is proven to be more than a surfactant. It will help manage the water in the soil and also help relieve compaction.
  • In one of many studies performed, there was a compaction layer 14 inches deep that took 900 psi to penetrate. However, a corn plant can only exert 400 psi max, meaning the plant can only gain nutrients from those 14 inches. When the APSA-80 was applied to the soil, the root system was able to break through the compaction layer.
  • It works as a water management tool by holding water in the soil like a reservoir for the plants to use, especially during the hot and dry parts of the year.
  • Studies performed in fields with compaction problems, have shown results with an average yield increase of 17 bushels an acre and a 30% increase in root depth at 90% root volume.


When using APSA-80 as a surfactant with herbicides, use 2.5 - 5 oz. per acre or 2.5 - 5 oz. per 10 - 40 gallon spray solution, depending on herbicide use. When using with fungicides and insecticides, use 2.5 - 5 oz. per 100 gal. spray solution.

As an irrigation and compaction aid, the recommended rate is 15 - 30 oz. per acre.


Nutriplant® AG is a foliar nutritional supplement to enhance crop growth. The genetic potential for a crop is rarely reached due to stresses encountered during the growing season. Plants are more vulnerable and use more nutrients at particular stages of development. Nutriplant® AG is designed to be applied at these particular stages to strengthen the plant against everyday environmental stress, resulting in better yields and improved quality.


  • Has been around since 1989.
  • Can be applied by itself or can be co-applyed with other chemicals.
  • It separates itself from other foliar feeds because the micronutrients are chelated with a natural organic matter mixture made up of amino acids, carbohydrates, etc. This makes the molecular structure smaller and lighter which allows the plant to absorb it a lot faster and use more of it. In contrast, most other foliar feeds use a synthetic chelation which makes them larger and heavier in molecular structure, taking it longer for the plat to absorb it.
  • Another advantage it has over other foliar feeds is that it activates plant metabolism, allowing the roots to take up more nutrients from the ground.
  • Multiple studies and plot tests have shown a 7 - 12 bushels per acre increase.


Nutriplant® AG contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, boron, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. Nitrogen and boron are essential for bud vigor and fruit set. Nitrogen and zinc are needed for fruit size. Phosphorus hastens maturity and improves fruit quality, while potassium improves fruit color and increases cold hardiness. Sulfur is needed for flavor and protein synthesis. Cobalt increases resistance to stress, and copper contributes to color and flavor development. Iron promotes flowering and fruit set. Manganese aids in sugar metabolism, and molybdenum is involved in transport of phosphorus, a very important element in energy transport and storage. The synergism of all of these elements makes Nutriplant® AG effective.

  • Increased resistance to stress
  • Improved quality
  • Increased yields
  • Earlier maturity
  • Easy to apply
  • Cost-effective


Shake well before using. Spray diluted Nutriplant®AG evenly on foliage using any conventional spraying equipment. For best results, apply in evening or early morning. Avoid applying product under windy conditions. Heavy rain or overhead irrigation within 24 hours of application may reduce product effectiveness. See label for further information.

To co-apply with herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers, dilute 1 part Nutriplant®AG with 5 parts water prior to mixing with pre-diluted chemicals. Apply as direct above. A small test area should be treated prior to large scale mixing to determine that no phytotoxicity or undesirable effects occur.

NUTRIPLANT® Seed Treatment

NUTRIPLANT® SEED TREATMENT is applied to seed just prior to planting. It is a nutritional supplement to enhance seedling emergence and growth. It comes in a liquid (SL) form and a dry (SD) form.


  • It consists of micronutrients and organic matter.
  • Replaces talc.
  • It gives the seed much needed nutrients it may not get from the soil.
  • Allows the plant to use more of the nutrients in the soil.
  • Gives the plant a deeper, wider and stronger root mass.
  • Allows the plant to have quicker emergence and stronger stands.
  • It also will protect the seed from negative effects Poncho may have on seed.
  • Over the last 7 years in over 200 studies across the U.S., the average increase was 7 bushels an acre on corn and 2.5 bushels an acre for soybeans.


NUTRIPLANT® SEED TREATMENT contains magnesium, sulfur, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc. (NUTRIPLANT® SD also contains calcium.) Calcium is needed for root and leaf development and improved plant vigor. Magnesium regulates uptake of other nutrients and activates a number of crucial enzymes. Sulfur, zinc, and copper are essential for formation of proteins and activation of enzymes necessary for seedling growth. Iron and manganese are crucial in sugar metabolism to produce energy for seedling emergence. Magnesium and molybdenum aid in the transport of phosphorus, which is important in energy transfer. Cobalt influences plant resistance to stress. The synergism of all of these elements makes NUTRIPLANT® SEED TREATMENT effective.

  • Comes up quicker
  • Better stands
  • Stronger, bigger root systems
  • Increased yields
  • Easy to apply
  • Cost Effective


NUTRIPLANT® SD can be applied right in the planter box. Fill each box about half full of seed. Apply half of the recommended rate of NUTRIPLANT® SD and mix thoroughly. Add the rest of the seed and the rest of the NUTRIPLANT® SD and mix again. Properly treated seed will have a fine coating of powder. Apply NUTRIPLANT® SL using commercial equipment. Apply as a fine mist to obtain a uniform coating. Dilute only as necessary for uniform application. Mix seeds until dry and do not stick. Keep seed dry until planting. Plant seeds as usual.


"We tried Nutriplant Seed Treatment in half of our boxes on our six row planter. When the beans came up we could see that there was better germination and a healthier bean plant, every other 6 rows. We were surprised to see the difference! We did the same thing on our corn and could see a difference there, too!"

- Marvin H., Windsor Colorado

"We farm 5,000 acres of wheat and barley. We find that with the use of Seed Treatment our crops will hold a week to ten days longer during heat or drought periods. The first year using these products on fall wheat, we had noticeably less winter kill than in years past and had recovery from snow mold faster."

- Idaho Falls, Idaho

"Last year we used Nutriplant Seed Treatment on our wheat crop. With seed Treatement we could really see a difference--that wheat really took off and came up real good. I decided to have one more test of Seed Treatment on my wheat, so I planted four rounds without any seed treat. Then treated all the rest. We had a hard rain then the untreated seed needed to be replanted. When I got the first 4 rounds replanted I quit. The NutriPlant treated seed didn't need replanting. That savings has already paid for the product three times over!"

- Joe H, Big Springs, Nebraska

"I started using Nutriplant products on my corn crop last year after a friend told me he had used Nutriplant with good results and he thought I ought to try it. We set up test plots on my farm using Nutriplant Seed Treatment and at harvest we had a 14 bushel increase per acre which I thought we pretty darn good. This year I'm definitely using Nutriplant on the whole farm--after all, with results like that you can't hardly turn your back on it."

- Gene V., Morrison Illionois

"They came around selling Nutriplant right in the middle of planting. The pictures they showed were pretty impressive, so I decided I'd try it. We treated the two middle boxes on my sons F.F.A. project and we could see a definite height difference. We put some in half of the boxes of my 6 row planter (corn silage). That field made 27 tons, the most it's made in 4 years. I know the stuff works!"

- Gary C., Kersey, Colorado

"After watching several of my neighbor's corn fields last year, I decided I better get with the program. This year I used Nutriplant Seed Treatment on 450 acres of corn--it looked extremely healthy and required less water than the untreated corn. I'm also very pleased with the root development on my corn. if you're going to have anything on top you've got to have the roots."

- Raymond H., Julesburg, Colorado

"We treated some acreage of potatoes with Nutriplant Seed Treatement and some without. We feel it increased our specifice gravity noticeably. This awared us a bonus payment. The Cost-Benefit ratio was about 1-4. We will use Nutriplant Seed Treatment much more extensively on our potatoes this coming year."

- Mark F., American Falls, Idaho